Multiplayer Jam

29/7/22 - 7/8/22#MultiplayerJam

1st · Scavenge & Drill by FruityFusion, OrangeJam, nilolo

2nd · Neon Knives by Talk Like a cookiecrayon

3rd · Raccoon Rascals by Mistlight Studios

Adaptive Music Jam

8/10/21 - 17/10/21#AdaptiveMusicJam

1st · Midnight Melody by SuperMegaDav (Vidvad Games)

2nd · Mavea by Talk Like a Beluga

3rd · Fallen Down the Edge by KhaoTom


a jam about time.

25/6/21 - 11/7/21#aJamAboutTime

1st · A Day in the Office by WinRawr

2nd · Good Morning is Good Night by

piratetune, viv lun

3rd · Temporal Temple by okAi


B&W Jam

11/4/21 - 25/4/21#BWJam

1st · Jazz in Black and White by Jordan O. & Co.

2nd · Pandemonium Buster by

Mahou Shoujo ☆ Magical Moestar, one60hp

3rd · Chromophobia by Thejaspel, BinaryCounter



21/2/21 - 28/2/21#MouseMouseMouseJam

1st · RBShapes by Wemap Studio

2nd · PBR. Pull back racing by mk013

3rd · Cave Fall by SNeicer, BowieD

Anthropomorphism Jam 2020

1/9/20 - 25/12/20#AnthropomorphismJam

1st · The Master Is Gone! by TheOriginalCockatrice

2nd · The Crystal Furs by Calvin J'onzz

3rd · Beast Souls by Kobold In a Box

3 Secret Rules Jam

21/8/20 - 23/8/20#3SecretRulesJam

What the Claw? by 2BsPls

The lazy child by apotaurus

Theme: Inefficient

Rule 1: Must contain only 3 colours of your choice

A colour of a different shade still counts as another colour.

Rule 2: Must utilize both the left and right buttons of the mouse

You can still utilize the keys on the keyboard though, and the actions for the left and right mouse needs to be different.

Rule 3: Must have a horror mechanic in place

Feel free to have more than one though.

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